Reusable Silicon Universal Stretch Lids 6 pcs.

Reusable Silicon Universal Stretch Lids 6 pcs.

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Silicone stretch lids are made of BPA-Free food-grade silicone and completely non-toxic. It is safe to directly cover them over cups, bowls, fresh-cut fruit, and vegetables. They won’t cause any bad odor for food storage.  Save plenty of money because you no longer need old disposable plastic food wraps! You also save our Earth by trying reusable eco-friendly silicone lids. They will serve as a replacement for the broken or lost lids.
Strong flexible silicone lids will amaze you by how durable they are! Resistant to freezing cold and heat temperature from -40 up to 230℃, they can be used in the dishwasher, microwave, oven, and refrigerator but still remain intact.
You can stretch the clear lids of 6 sizes and make them fit effortlessly on various shapes of glass, plastic or metal containers. Airtight sealing will lock the freshness of food and leak-proof design prevents any liquid from spilling out. The handy lids are perfect for sealing pots, coffee mugs, kids cups, juice bottles, salads bowls, and even pet cans leftovers. Please dry the lids and the containers before using so they won’t slide.

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