GPS Bluetooth Smart Mini Tag Tracker

GPS Bluetooth Smart Mini Tag Tracker

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 Have you ever lost your keys and could never remember where you left them. This item can locate where you last left them. You can even locate your phone by pressing the button on the gadget, it will send the Phone a ringing noise until you found it. With this tag tracker, you'll never lose your Keys/Wallet/Phone again.


- Color: White/Black/Blue/Green/White.
- Material: Plastic.
- Size: Approx. 3.7 * 0.7 * 3.3cm/ 1.5 * 0.3 * 1.3 inch (L*W*H).


- Reminder: You can be alerted by an audible beep either through smartphone or Bluetooth Smart Tag, whenever both devices are separated at a pre-programmed distance.

- Multi-Task: You can control 20 Bluetooth Smart Tags through the App, and keep track of 6 Bluetooth Smart Tags online at one time.

- Trace the last location: You can trace the last location of your valuables through the Finder App Map when the Bluetooth Smart Tag disconnects from its pairing with the controlling smartphone.

- Network Helper: Other Finder App users can help to find your stuff! Every smartphone installed with the Finder App becomes a possible search node to track your valuables with the Bluetooth Smart Tag on it.

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